About Premier Rehab

Premier offers care tailored to meet a variety of medical needs. Programs such as post-acute medical, post-acute rehabilitation, out-patient, long-term care, and a specialized Alzheimer’s care unit are all available to meet the changing needs of our residents.

Premier Rehab recognizes that quality, care, and service result only when the needs of residents, families, and staff are met and balanced. As a healthcare facility licensed by the State of Wisconsin, certain standards of care must be achieved. Premier Rehab prides itself in exceeding those standards, both with the quality of care provided and the range of services offered. Premier is committed to providing the best care possible.

About Rehab Services

Comprehensive rehabilitation is provided 5-7 days per week by experienced therapists with exceptional expertise in treating patients with complex medical conditions. Therapists perform comprehensive evaluations, design treatment programs and establish goals all aimed at returning patients to previous lifestyles.